About Us


While originally known as the Husky Snowboard Team, we rebranded ourselves as Husky Snow Club in 2016 to better reflect our member base and overall mission. Since then, we have experienced an incredible amount of growth and the continued support of our alumni.

With the idea that snow sports shouldn't be limited by tryouts or obligations, we continue to be the largest community of skiers & snowboarders at the University of Washington. This provides us not only with a huge mountain rideshare community but also a place where people come together to share knowledge, hang out together, and go on ski trips.

Our Officer Team

We wouldn't be where we are today without a team of dedicated officers who put in many hours during the fall and winter to organize the community and plan events. This year, we have 8 officers!

  • Calvin Korver: Co-President
  • Lily Marra: Co-President
  • Garrett Hutchison: Treasurer
  • Max McDonald: Social
  • Alex Roederer: Officer
  • Carolyn Brager: Officer
  • Jason Panzera: Officer
  • Niel Bhatia: Officer